Call for competition

20. September 2011.

Pursuant to the Article 72, Paragraph 1,Item 1 of the Public ProcurementLaw(“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia” no.116/08) (hereinafter: the Law), Privatization Agency RS (hereinafter referred to asProcuring entity) announces:

for collecting offers in an open public procurement procedure for management consulting services – Designing the strategy for restructuring of agricultural companies
Public procurement: 5-08/11
Subject of the public procurement are management consulting services – Designing the strategy for restructuring of agricultural companies.
Public procurement of the management consulting services - Designing the strategy for restructuring of agricultural companies, pertains to the Group of entities undergoing privatization performing the agricultural activities (hereinafter: the Group), organized by the Decision of the Privatization Agency no. 10-1179/11-int-1997 as of April 14, 2011, in which the procedure of restructuring is being implemented, with the aim to improve the efficiency of business operations through coordination of activities, preserve and upgrade the material basis, implement the financial consolidation and increase utilization of the existing capacities. The Group consists of the following companies:
  • AD «Agrobacka», Bac - in restructuring, identification number 08155968
  • AD «Jadran», Nova Gajdobra – in restructuring, identification number 08058130
  • AD «Mala Bosna», Mala Bosna – in restructuring, identification number 08236526
  • AD «7.Juli», Sirig - in restructuring, identification number 08053073
  • AD «Backa», Sivac – in restructuring, identification number 08134901
  • AD «Omoljica», Omoljica – in restructuring, identification number 08047723
  • AD «Vojvodina», Starcevo – in restructuring, identification number 08047740
  • AD «Seme Tamis», Pancevo – in restructuring, identification number 08047634
  • AD «Bratstvo jedinstvo», Neuzina – in restructuring, identification number 08057745
  • AD «Dolovo», Dolovo – in restructuring, identification number 08047685
  • AD «Mladi borac», Sonta – in restructuring, identification number 08644586
  • AD «Aleksa Santic», Aleksa Santic – in restructuring, identification number 08166978
  • AD «Granicar», Gakovo – in restructuring, identification number 08064920
  • AD «Dragan Markovic», Obrenovac – in restructuring, identification number 07042442
  • DP «PIK Zemun», Zemun – in restructuring, identification number 07042914
Government of the Republic of Serbia passed the Conclusion to adopt the Program of measures for the operation of the Group of agricultural companies by further restructuring. The Program of measures, inter alia, defines the conditions and way of use of the state-owned agricultural land at the Group level, resolving the issue of debt of the Group members based on use of the state-owned agricultural land through write-off or conversion of claims, resolving the debt issues towards financial creditors – banks, by write-off, reprogramming and/or conversion of part of the debt into capital, financing investments and business operations, and other activities related to improving the functioning of the Group by status changes of its members.
Bidders who meet the necessary requirements pursuant to Article 44, Paragraph 2 of the Law and submit evidence of fulfillment of the requirements pursuant to the Article 45 of the Law, have the right to participate in the public procurement.
Based on the Article 44 of the Law, in relation to Article 46 of the Law, a bidder must comply with the requirements for the participation in the public procurement procedure,defined in more detail the tender documents, as follows:
  • In the previous accounting year, the Bidder had a total income of at least 1 million EUR;
  • Bidder is a consulting company or a consortium led by a consulting company that carried out at least one M&A project with the value of over 30 million EUR in the last 10 years;
  • Bidder will make the presentation of methodology and work plan in the premises of the Privatization Agency. The presentation requires the presence of at least 3 (three) members who are the key personnel of the bidder. One of the members whose presence is mandatory at the presentation is the Project Director. One member of each team of the Bidder must be present at the presentation.
Tender documents are free of charge and can be downloaded from the the Procuring Authority’s web site as of the date of publication of the Call for Competition in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia.
The deadline for submission of bids is 30 (thirty) days from the date of publication of this Call for Competition in the Official Gazzette of the Republic of Serbia, i.e. at the time and manner set out by the tender documents.
Late bids will not be opened and will be returned to the bidder by registered mail folowing the completion of the opening procedure, with a note that the bid was submitted late.
Bids shall be submitted in a sealed envelope, marked: “Bid for the Public procurement 5-08/11, do not open before the meeting of the Committee for public opening of bids”, at the address of the Procurement Authority: Privatization Agency, 23 Terazije Street, Belgrade, 4th floor, office 411.
The public opening of bids shall be conducted immediately after the expiration of the submission deadline, in line with the tender documents that define the precise time and place of the public opening of bids.
The selection of the best bid in the procedure will be conducted by applying least-cost criteria to the bids with the following elements: 
  1. Experience of bidder’s team
  2. Work plan, and
  3. Offered price.
Thebidmaybesubmittedbythebidderwhoactsonitsown, thebidderwithsubcontractors, for which it is necessary to submit the same evidence as for the bidder, andagroupofbiddersthatsubmitsajointbid. Each of the bidders in the joint bid must submit all evidence of compliance with mandatory requirements for participation. 
Bid with variants is not allowed.
Provisional deadline for selection of the most favorable bid is 15 days from the date of public opening.
Procuring Authority will deliver its decision on the most favorable bid to all bidders withing 3 (three) days from the date of the decision.
Additional information regarding the preparation of the bid, can be obtained by interested parties by sending request to the address of the Procurement Authority, i.e. by fax or e-mail to the the contact person, not later than 5 days before the expiry of the deadline for submission of bids.
Contact person:
Jovan Matanovic
Assistant Project Manager
Privatization Center
Privatization Agency RS
No. 23 Terazijestreet, 11000 Belgrade
fax: +381 11 3020 816

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