PUBLIC INVITATION for participation in public tender for sale of RBB assets unit Lime factory "Zagradje" on "as is" basis,

12. October 2009.
Based on Article 28 of the Law on Privatization (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia 38/2001, 18/2003, 45/2005 and 123/07) and the Restructuring Program for RTB Bor Group, the Decision on Sale of the assets unit Lime Factory "Zagradje" and transfer of relevant exploitation rights as of October 9, 2009 no I/XLIV-1, Board of the limited liability company Rudnici Bakra Bor, and in compliance with the Law on Amendments to the Law on Mining (Official Gazette of the RoS no 34/2006), the Privatization Agency (hereinafter "Agency") together with Mining and Smelting Complex Bor – Group Copper Mines Bor Ltd in restructuring (RBB) hereby issues a: download


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