Amendment to Public Invitation for Participation in Public Auction

11. February 2009.
Pursuant to the Ruling issued by the Assembly of the City of Novi Pazar, no. 023-44/08 dated 27.11.2008, the Ruling no. 5897 dated 16.11.1970 – whereby the Enterprise for catering trade, tourism, foreign and domestic trade "LIPA" A.D., NOVI PAZAR was allocated catering trade business premises which resulted in substantial changes in respect of main assets of the privatization entity – shall be cancelled. Accordingly, instead of the data published in the daily newspaper "Politika" on 29.12.2008, referring to the main assets of the privatization entity, it should read as follows:

Main assets of the privatization entity **
A) Buildings – main facilities (m2):
1. Hotel "Vrbak" (4500) 2. Hotel "Raj" (935) 3. Restaurant "Bor" (560) 4. Tavern "Centar" (100) 5. Spa with a bathroom (739)

Equity Fund


Нови Пазар

Core activity:

Hotels and similar accommodation


Companies in Privatization


Public invitation


Companies in Control


Companies in the Fund