Public Invitation for participation in public auction process that will take place on 31.10.2008., in Belgrade

08. October 2008.
In accordance with Article 38 of the Law on Privatization ("Official Gazette of RS", no-s. 38/01, 18/03 and 45/05), and Article 5 of the Decree оn Sale of capital and property by public auction ("Official Gazette of RS" no. 52/05),
the Privatization Agency announces:

Public Announcement
For participation in the public auction

  1. RASVETA Izgradnja i održavanje elektroenergetskih objekata, signalizacione i komunalne opreme, d.о.о. (Limited liability company for construction and maintenance of power facilities, signaling and municipal equipment) , SUBOTICA, Trg Lazara Nešića 9/а

Privatization Agency and Share Fund offer the stake of the Share Fund of the Republic of Serbia in capital of the enterprise RASVETA IZGRADNJA I ODRŽAVANJE ELEKTROENERGETSKIH OBJEKATA, SIGNALIZACIONE I KOMUNALNE OPREME, D.О.О., which is 1,58% of the total entity capital.


Development and maintenance of electro energy objects, signalisation and communal equipment ltd RASVETA



Core activity:

Electrical installation


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