Solicitation of expressions of interest for an economic advisor for the council for regulatory reform in Republic of Serbia

11. January 2007.
The Republic of Serbia (the Recipient) has received a grant from the International Development Association (IDA), as administrator of grant funds provided by Sweden, to assist the Recipient to design and implement the Serbia Regulatory Reform Strategy and to build the capacity of the Council for Regulatory Reform and of the Regulatory Impact Analysis ("RIA") units from the relevant ministries to systematically conduct RIAs of new regulations and legislation. The Project consists of the following Parts:

(a) preparation of a Regulatory Reform Strategy; and

(b) strengthening the capacity of the Council for Regulatory Reform and its Secretariat to take on the new role of coordination and provision of quality control of the RIA.

In order to secure preparation for the implementation of the RIA the Ministry of Economy established the Secretariat of the Council (established as a RIA Unit under the Ministry of Economy). The Secretariat shall comprise of the following members:

1. Secretary of the Council
2. Principal Legal Advisor
3. Principal Economic Advisor
4. Junior Lawyer
5. Junior Economist
6. Technical Assistant

The MOE wishes to contract an individual consultant - Principal Economic Advisor, for the assistance in the preparation of a Strategy for Regulatory Reform, coordination and assistance to the Ministries in the performance of the RIA as well as in performing quality control of the RIA’s within the ministries (hereinafter: Advisor) who will provide technical assistance in the above mentioned area. Consultant services would be procured in accordance with the "Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers" published by IDA in May 2004, and the provisions stipulated in the Grant Agreement.

The Principal Economic Advisor must have the following experience and skills:
• Experience in economic analysis of law and assessment of regulatory costs and benefits; familiarity with law and economics, competition principles, and market structure analysis;
• Strong research skills; expertise in statistical analysis and data collection;
• Familiarity with business perspectives and problems;
• Good communication, negotiation, and writing skills;
• Self-reliant, able to work without supervision, highly motivated, organized, and demonstrating sound professional judgment;
• Spoken and written English language skills.
The following experiences and skills are not mandatory, but are preferred:
• Familiarity with European single market and trade rules.
The fulltime assignment is envisaged to start in February 2007, or as soon as possible after signing a contract. The assignment will run for four years, with the possibility of extension.

The Project Management Unit (PMU) established within the Privatization Agency, Republic of Serbia to manage and implement the proposed Project, will administer the Contract.
An Advisor will be selected using the Individual Consultants Selection Method(IC), in accordance with the procedures set out in the Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers, May 2004).

Interested and eligible candidates who wish to participate should submit their CVs to the below indicated official of the PA, by 25th January, 2007 (Thursday), and not later than 15:00 hours (local time).

Contact person: Ms. Zorica Petrovic
PMU Director

Privatization Agency
Republic of Serbia
Terazije 23, 6th floor
11000 Belgrade
Republic of Serbia
E-mail zpetrovic@priv.yu
Tel: (+381 11) 30 29 968
Fax: (+381 11) 30 20 828

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