Amendment to the Public Invitation

05. May 2006.

Mobi 63 d.o.o. Beograd

The Privatization Agency of Republic of Serbia and Republic Agency for Telecommunication (jointly the "Agencies”) in accordance with Article 10 of Public Invitation for participation in a public tender process for the acquisition of a stake in
Mobi 63 d.o.o., Knez Mihailova 36, Belgrade, and a GSM/GSM 1800 and UMTS/IMT-2000 license for the territory of the Republic of Serbia (‘’Public Invitation’’) hereby announce the


Referring to the Public Invitation published in the Financial Times dated Friday 28th, 2006 the Agencies hereby inform the Pre-Qualification Candidates that the aforementioned Public Invitation is changed as follows:

1. First paragraph of Article 7 will now read:

Expressions of Interest shall include the following documents in Serbian OR English languages, which must be certified by an authorized representative of the Pre-Qualification Candidate and certified by a competent agency of the state of its country of residence (where applicable):

2. Point (ii) of Article 7 will now read:

The consolidated audited financial statements (in compliance with local accounting standards or, if available, IFRS), together with the ANNUAL REPORTS and audit reports, for the last three audited fiscal years. For legal entities that have existed for less than three years, the requested statements and reports should be submitted for each year of existence;

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