Corporate restructuring center Position: Assistant Project Manager (5number of executors)

04. February 2005.
Job description:

The specific objective of this assignment is to support the Project Managers in the performance of his day to day work in the Privatization through Restructuring with the goal to implement the privatization as fast as possible and in accordance with international accepted standards.

Engaged person shall assist the Project Manager in the fulfillment of his/her tasks. Such tasks may without limitation to others include the following:

· Assist the PM in preparation of Terms of Reference for Financial Advisors and other external consultants who may be retained to assist with the restructuring and privatization task for the enterprise or enterprises assigned;

· Work with the Procurement Department of the PA to prepare comprehensive Requests for Proposals for such sub-contractors, taking fully into account the particular requirements of the specific assignment and the relevant financing agency;

· Assist the PM in contract negotiations with the financial advisors who are selected to undertake the detailed diagnosis, restructuring and privatization work for specified enterprises or pools of enterprises;

· Work with these advisors in all aspects of project implementation including legal and administrative coordination, creditor negotiations, preparing proposals for a social plan for surplus employees, and the sale of assets through auction, tender or by direct sales; and

· Manage all documents relevant to the project, ensuring proper filing and archiving, and delivering necessary reports to financial institutions and management of the CRC.

Qualifications and experience required:

· Business and/or technical qualifications at a University level;

· At least 2 years of relevant professional experience;

· The capacity to work as a part of a team of professionals to achieve a complex objective.

· The basic knowledge of Privatization Legislation framework of the Republic of Serbia

· Fluency in both English and Serbian languages,

· Basic computer skills.

The selected candidate shall commence as soon as the contract is signed and shall continue his/her work by the end of 2005 or any other period as may be subsequently agreed by the parties in writing.

The expression of interest together with an individual CV should be sent to the Privatization Agency no later than 11 February 2005.

Privatization Agency of the Republic of Serbia
Human Resources Department
Terazije 23/5th Floor
11000 Belgrade
Serbia and Montenegro
e-mail: hr@priv.yu

The Privatization Agency will carry out preliminary selection and prepare a shortlist of the potential candidates. Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

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