Extension to public invitation

13. January 2005.

Tender Code: PPT/04

In accordance with Article 28 of the Law on Privatization (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia Nos. 38/2001 and 18/2003), the Privatization Agency of the Republic of Serbia (hereinafter "the PA”) hereby issues an:


for participation in the Tender Process for the sale of 70% of socially owned capital and 70% of state owned capital in the following companies:
  • Holding preduzece Industrija hidraulike i pneumatike "Prva Petoletka" AD Trstenik;
  • Preduzece za proizvodnju hidraulickih uredjaja i sistema "PPT – Hidraulika" AD Trstenik;
  • Preduzece za proizvodnju hidraulickih cilindara "PPT – Cilindri" AD Trstenik;
  • Preduzece za proizvodnju hidraulickih servoupravljaca "PPT – Servoupravljaci" AD Trstenik;
  • Preduzece za proizvodnju delova za hidrauliku "PPT – Delovi" AD Novi Pazar;
  • Preduzece za proizvodnju kocne tehnike "PPT – Kocna tehnika" AD Trstenik;
  • Preduzece za proizvodnju namenskih proizvoda "PPT – Namenska" AD Trstenik;
  • Preduzece za proizvodnju industrijske pneumatike "PPT – Industrijska pneumatika" AD Trstenik;
  • Preduzece za proizvodnju zaptivki "PPT – Zaptivke" AD Trstenik;
  • Preduzece za proizvodnju armatura "PPT – Armature" AD Aleksandrovac;
  • Preduzece za proizvodnju uredjaja i delova "PPT – FUD" AD Brus;
  • Preduzece za projektovanje i inzenjering "PPT – Inzenjering" AD Beograd;
  • Preduzece za tehnolosko-metalursku obradu "PPT – TMO" AD Trstenik;
  • Preduzece za odrzavanje, remont, proizvodnju i distribuciju energije "PPT – Remont i energetika" AD Trstenik;
  • Preduzece za ugostiteljske usluge "PPT – Ishrana" AD Trstenik.

(hereinafter collectively: Entities undergoing privatization)
Tender Code: PPT/04

The PA wishes to inform interested parties on the extension of deadlines from the Public Invitation for participation in a public tender process for the sale of capital of the Entities undergoing privatization, published in "Politika” daily newspaper on December 5th, 2004.
  1. Deadline to submit a Request for Purchasing Tender Documents in respect of the Entities undergoing privatization has been extended to February 1st 2005.
  2. All other details of the Public Invitation shall remain unchanged and available online at: www.priv.yu/vesti/pdf/e-tender_PPT-04_jp.pdf
  3. All communications or inquiries relating to this Extension should be directed to "Factis”, Beograd, the financial advisor appointed by the PA:
    Dr Živana Olbina or Dr Nikola Zelić
    FACTIS d.o.o.
    Džordža Vašingtona 54, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro
    Phone: + 381 11 323 10 55
    Fax: + 381 11 323 46 77
    E-mail: factis@eunet.yu
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