The Supply of 5-Door Saloon Cars for the Privatisation Agency of the Republic of Serbia – Institutional Support to the Privatisation Agency of the Republic of Serbia

06. February 2004.

Supply Procurement Notice

The Privatisation Agency has obtained a grant from the European Agency for Reconstruction, under the contract no. 03SER01/06/006 - "Programme of Decentralisation of the Privatisation Agency", and intends to apply a part of this grant on supply of saloon cars.

The purpose of supply procurement notice is the supply of four 5-Door Saloon Cars.

Participation is open on equal terms to all local and foreign natural and legal persons, complying with the following terms:

· Tenderers must have an annual turnover of more than € 400,000 – on average for the last three years;

· Each tenderer or company within a Consortium must have at least 5 years manufacturing and/or supplying experience of the specified equipment;

· Tenderers must prove to have supplied similar projects in terms of volume and value at least twice in the past 2 years;

· Tenderers of a company within a Consortium must have experience of at least 3 years of after sales service and support of similar equipment in Serbia.

A reference list and details of any quality systems must be attached to the tender.

To receive the tender dossier, please send the request in writing by fax: +381 11 30 20 843, for the attention of Jelena Udicki.

Along with the request, please provide the following information:
· name of the company
· name of the contact person
· address
· telephone number
· fax number, and
· e-mail address where you want the tender dossier to be sent to.

Tender Dossiers will be sent only by e-mail.

For all additional information, kindly refer to website: www. priv.yu (under the section: Public Procurement)

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