Correction of public announcement for participation in the public auction "BUDUCNOST", PARACIN

08. August 2003.
According to the Article 5. paragraph 3 of Privatization Law (<>, number Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia>> no. 45/01, 45/02 and 19/03) the Privatization Agency of the Republic of Serbia herby publishes:

CORRECTION OF PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT for participation in the public auction

under auction code: 210803-366p organized for the sale of capital/property of Socially owned enterprise "BUDUCNOST", PARACIN

  1. Based on authorization from the Public Announcement published in daily newsppapers "Politika" 23.07.2003 and provision that auction date and application deadline can be changed the Privatization Agency would like to inform interested individuals and legal entitites on change of the auction date:
  2. The public auction for sale of capital/property of Socially owned enterprise "BUDUCNOST", PARACIN will take place on 18.09.2003 at: Yugoslav Chamber of Commerce, Terazije 23/II, Beograd at 11:00 a.m. Registration of the participants will take place on 18.09.2003. at the same address from 09.00 until 10.50.
  3. Deadline for purchase of the auction documentation is 10.09.2003
  4. Deadline for submitting of applications is 09.09.2003 till 17:00.

Socially owned enterprise for production of electric and energy equipment “BUDUCNOST”



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Manufacture of other electronic and electric wires and cables


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