PHILIP MORRIS STRATEGIC partner of DIN for 518 million eur BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO strategic partner of DIV

05. August 2003.
The tender commission for enterprise "Duvanska Industrija” Nis approved the decision of the Privatization Agency for ranking of bids (tender list) and announced Philip Morris Holland B.V for first ranked bidder, Tvornica Duhana Rovinj as second and British American Tobacco (Serbia) Limited as third ranked bidder.

The tender commission for enterprise "Duvanska industrija” Vranje, and in accordance with the suggestion of the Privatization Agency brought decision of accepting the only bid from British American Tobacco (Serbia) Limited, granting very reputable BAT as strategic partner to the second largest cigarettes manufacturer in Serbia. In case tender has only one bidder, the Minister of Economy and Privatization will appoint commission for direct negotiations with the bidder.
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