Public Invitation for participation in public auction process that will take place on 06.02.2009., in Belgrade

15. December 2008.
In accordance with Article 38 of the Law on Privatization ("Official Gazette of RS", no-s. 38/01, 18/03 and 45/05), and Article 5 of the Decree оn Sale of capital and property by public auction ("Official Gazette of RS" no. 52/05),
the Privatization Agency announces:

Public Announcement
For participation in the public auction

  1. Retail trade company BRATSTVO, PREŠEVO

The right to participate in public auction has:

А) domestic or foreign legal entity that cumulatively fulfills the following conditions:
1. that it is registered for performing activities from the Group of activities 55 - hotels and restaurants;
2. that it realized the total operating income in the last business year (on the basis of disclosed data in the financial statement for 2007) of at least EUR 2.000.000,00;
3. that it owns a hotel which is categorized as a four-star hotel, which is evidenced by the Ruling on category of the catering establishment of the Ministry of economy and regional development, in accordance with provisions of the Law on tourism ("Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia" no. 45/05), i.e. by a ruling on categorization issued by the relevant institution of the country in which a potential auction participant is registered.

A legal entity shall be deemed to have fulfilled the required conditions for participation in public auction, if it owns more than 50% of capital of a legal entity which cumulatively fulfills the conditions required for participation in public auction.

B) Domestic or foreign legal entity
1. which is the owner of more than 50% of capital of a legal entity which cumulatively fulfills conditions required for legal entities for participation in public auction.

C) Consortium
1. A consortium shall be deemed to fulfill the requirements from this public invitation, if a member or members of consortium which cumulatively fulfill the required conditions, take part in a consortium with at least 51% of the participation.


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