Severvice Contract Notice

24. November 2006.

Joint Stock Touristic Company "Putnik", Belgrade (Akcionarsko turisticko drustvo "Putnik" Beograd),

Based on Article 101 Paragraph 1 and Article 72 Paragraph 1, Clause 2, of the Public Procurement Law (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia Nos. 39/02 и 55/04, 43/03, and 101/05, hereinafter: the Law),

Republic of Serbia
Privatization Agency
Belgrade, Terazije 23
hereby announces:


For еliciting the expression of interes
in the first stage of restricted public procurement procedure for consulting services of a privatization adviser in the privatization process by public tender for enterprise
Joint Stock Touristic Company "Putnik", Belgrade (Akcionarsko turisticko drustvo "Putnik" Beograd),
1 Dragoslava Jovanovica Street, 11000 Belgrade
Ref. No. 9-09/06

The value of public service contract, estimated by the procuring authority is CSD 6,000,000.00 (six million dinars) as a retainer fee and CSD 34,000,000.00 (thirty four milion dinars) as a success fee, i.e. maximum 4% of the purchase price obtained for the enterprise in the privatization process. The estimated values include all taxes.
Right to participate have all bidders that fulfill mandatory conditions for participation in the public procurement procedure in accordance with Article 45 of the Law and that provide proofs to that effect in accordance with Article 46 of the Law. In accordance with Article 52 and Article 101 paragraph 2 of the Law, specific qualification requirements, stipulated by the Qualification Documents are: - Bidder’s references,
- Personnel capacity of the Bidder and
- Bidder’s team references.
Request for purchasing the Qualification Documents must contain: public procurement reference number, data on interested bidder (company name and address, ID number and tax number) data on bidder’s contact person in the procedure (name, address, ID number, fax number and e-mail) and the request must be delivered by fax or email to the address of the procuring authority’s contact person stated below.
The payment of irreversible amount of CSD 1.000,00 (one thousand dinars) for every copy of the Qualification Documents with a note "For Qualification Documents No 9-09/06" shall be executed on the Privatization Agency’s account stated on the invoice that will be delivered by fax to the bidder’s contact person, pursuant to the delivered data. The evidence of payment shall be sent by fax or e-mail of the procuring authority’s contact person stated below.
Upon the receipt of the evidence of payment, the procuring authority will deliver the Qualification Documents by e-mail to the bidder’s contact person stated in the request for Qualification Documents. Qualification Documents can be obtained also in person by the authorized bidder’s person every working day from 10 am – 16 pm at the address of procuring authority: Privatization Agency, Terazije 23, 11000 Belgrade, IV floor, office 402.
The Qualification Applications (Expressions of Interest) shall be submitted no later then 15 (fifteen) days from the announcement of the Service Contract Notice in the "Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia", that means by the date and time, and in the manner specified in the Qualification Documents, to the following address: Privatization Agency, Terazije 23, 11000 Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, VI floor, office 619. The opening of Applications shall be conducted immediately after expiry of the deadline for submission, at the Privatization Agency’s premises.
Within 7 (seven) days from the opening of Applications, the Public Procurement Committee shall analyze the applications and list the candidates to be invited to submit their offers in the second stage of the restricted public procurement procedure. Procuring authority shall inform all the applicants about the result of the first stage of the restricted procedure, according to the Law.
In the second stage of the restricted procedure procuring authority shall invite candidates to submit their offers no later then 10 (ten) days from the day of receipt of written invitation for submission of offers. In the second stage of the restricted procedure criterion for selection shall be economically most advantageous offer.
All additional information interested bidders can require and obtain exclusively in written form at the procuring authority’s address, i.e. by fax and e-mail at the address of contact person, no later then 5 (five) days before deadline for submission of Applications.
Contact person:
Jelena Stojanovic
Privatization Agency, Republic of Serbia
Terazije 23, 11000 Belgrade, Republic of Serbia
Fax: +381 11 3020 868
e-mail: jstojanovic@priv.yu
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