Amendments of terms of the public invitation for participation in the Public Tender: Socially Owned Company for Manufacturing Rubber and Chemical Products "TRAYAL KORPORACIJA” Krusevac

04. November 2005.

Tender Code: TRAYAL 09/05

Based on the authorization given in Clause 6 of the Public Invitation for participation in the Public Tender, published in "Politika” daily newspaper on September 15, 2005, and Extension to the Public Invitation published in "Politika” daily newspaper on October 28, 2005, the Privatization Agency hereby informs potential tender participants on:

for participation in the Public Tender
for sale of 76.9% of the total registered capital of:
Socially Owned Company for Manufacturing Rubber and Chemical Products
(hereinafter: Entity undergoing privatization)
Tender Code: TRAYAL 09/05

  1. Clause 4.B. of the Public Invitation is changed to read as follows:
    If a potential bidder is a Consortium it must fulfill the following requirements:
    • All consortium members made a valid decision on organizing and entering into Consortium;
    • All consortium members have entered into a written Consortium Agreement and such agreement has been duly notarized with the Court under the law applicable to such Consortium Agreement;
    • Each consortium member assumes joint and several liability under the Consortium Agreement;
    • Consortium Agreement specifies each member’s percentage in acquisition of the capital of the Entity undergoing privatization;
    • All Consortium members have signed a notarized power of attorney for the representing member of the Consortium;
    • All Consortium members have signed the Confidentiality Agreement;
    • At least one of the Consortium members has purchased the Tender Documents;
    • Any of the Consortium members individually, or all Consortium members cumulatively and jointly fulfill at least one of the following requirements:
      a) It has been engaged in production and/or trade of rubber products and/or industrial explosives and pyrotechnics and/or personal protection equipment and/or other chemical products for the last 3 operating years continually, and it achieved operating revenues of at least EUR 70.000.000 (Euro seventy million) in 2004, and generated net profit in 2004;
      b) it is a Financial Investor (a legal entity whose core business is investment of money that exists at least 3 years, and includes investment companies, mutual funds, insurance companies, pension funds and investment banks) with total operating assets in excess of EUR 100.000.000 (Euro one hundred million) in 2004;

  2. All other information regarding the Public Invitation shall remain unchanged and are available online at: http://www.priv.yu/vesti/pdf/tender_393_jp.pdf
  3. All the questions relating to this Public Invitation should be directed to the Consultant, at the address below:

    CES Mecon d.o.o
    Danijelova 12-16
    11 000 Belgrade
    Serbia and Montenegro
    Mr. Dusan Nikezic and Ms. Dragica Lovreta
    Phone: +381 11 3090 800
    Fax: +381 11 3090 839
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Company for production of rubber and chemical products Trayal korporacija ad



Core activity:

Manufacture of rubber tyres and tubes; retreading and rebuilding of rubber tyres


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