Notice on amendments of public initiation for participating at public auctions, published in Politika newspaper, on May 27th, 2005.

01. June 2005.
After comparison with the original text it has been established that there was an error in the text of the Public Invitation for Participation in Public Auctions, published in the daily newspaper "Politika", on 27.05.2005, so that it is announced:

Correction of Public Announcement for Participation in the Public Auction

In the Public Invitation, in the part referring to the Basic data on enterprise to be privatized for Socially-owned trade enterprise "RESNIK", TUTIN, instead of the published data, there should be the following:

  • Socially-owned trade enterprise RESNIK, TUTIN
Equity Fund

Socially owned trading enteprise export - import RESNIK



Core activity:

Other retail sale of food in specialised stores


Companies in Privatization


Public invitation


Companies in Control


Companies in the Fund