Signed sale and purchase agreement for privatization of 70% of socially owned capital for enterprise "FRAD” from Aleksinac

12. August 2003.
The sale and purchase agreement has been signed on 8th August 2003 at 11.30 аm at the premises of the Serbian Privatization Agency , 23 Terazije street, second floor, "Soko Stark " hall for sale of 70% of socially owned capital by public tender for Joint stock company for manufacture of filters FRAD from Aleksinac. The signatories of the contract are: the Serbian Privatization Agency as seller and consortium as a buyer consisted of two members : "MPS Group” DOO Beograd and "Auto Nena” DOO from Belgrade.

The contact defined price of 800.000 euros, investment program of 3.000.000 euros in following five years and social program which envisages no compulsory redundancies in period of two years and five year protection of the enterprise.

FRAD Joint Stock Company for Production of Filters



Core activity:

Manufacture of other parts and accessories for motor vehicles


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