Amendment no. 1 to Public Invitation - EVROPA, SURDULICA

22. January 2016.

Procedure Code: JP 183/15

Pursuant to authorization from the Public Invitation published on 28 December 2015 at the Privatization Agency website and in the daily newspaper "Politika", (hereinafter: Public Invitation), the Privatization Agency (hereinafter: Agency) announces:


for participation in the procedure of public collection of bids with subsequent public bidding

for the sale of capital of privatization entity


ID no.: 07259875

Procedure Code: JP 183/15

Privatization Agency hereby informs all interested persons on amendments to Public Invitation, procedure code: JP 183/15, in the following manner:

1. Section 5 paragraph 1 shall be modified to read as follows:

“Interested persons may submit their applications for participation in the Procedure at the latest by 24 February 2016 until 15:00 pm local RS time.“

2. Section 6 paragraph 3 shall be modified to read as follows:

A written request for purchase of the sales documents (hereinafter: Request), shall be submitted to the Agency in writing by mail to the address Terazije 23, 11000 Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, and/or by fax +381 (11) 30 20 881 and/or via e-mail to the address with clear reference "Request for Purchase of the Sales Documents - procedure code: JP 183/15”.

3. Section 6 paragraph 5 shall be modified to read as follows:

“The Request for purchase of the Sales Documents shall be submitted by 17 February 2016 until 15:00 pm local RS time“.

4. Section 9 paragraph 1 shall be modified to read as follows:

“Opening of the Main envelope and the envelope marked with ”Information about the Bidder” is scheduled for 26 February 2016 at the Agency’s premises at: Terazije 23, 11000 Beograd, 8th floor, room 1 at 12:00 noon local RS time.

5. Section 11 shall be modified to read as follows:

For any questions relating to the Public Invitation and its amendments, interested parties may contact the person below, in Serbian or in English:

Privatization Agency of the Republic of Serbia

Terazije 23, 11000 Beograd

Republic of Serbia

Dragana Puzic

Project Team Leader

phone:   + 381 11 30 25 795

fax: + 381 11 30 20 881


6. All other data pertaining to this Public Invitation shall remain unchanged.


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